AAA International Group as the WORLD PIONEER and creator of biological cleaning agents and cell treatment has taken the lead in promoting zero-pollution biological cleaning products since 1990s.

AAA International Group have become the ICON of beauty and health fashion, and as we accommodate a new economic structure in the world along with changes and influences in the concept of healthy living.


AAA International Group as the WORLD PIONEER and creator of biological cleaning agents and cell treatment has taken the lead in promoting zero-pollution biological cleaning products from the 1990s. AAA International group activity encompassed the whole industry, ranging from production of raw materials, manufacturing, development and production of more than 30 different kind of products including Cell Health supplements and device, Cell beauty skin care and biological washing products.Our company is headquartered in the financial capital of New York. AAA International Group stands tall with our professionally set-up biotech laboratories and a group of outstanding researchers and professional scientist in our R&D centers in Los Angeles, California.

AAA International Group has become the icon of beauty and health through our continuous task of advocating a new school of thought in cell beauty and cell health treatments, drawing more and more people who are conscious about their health, admire beauty, and care about protecting the environment.AAA International Group continue making strides in the great nation where economic development moves at lightning speed, where the population is the highest in the world, and where everyone places an emphasis for the environment, beauty, natural health, and leading a green life.Our companywillalways uphold AAA Culture To advocate for the environmentwhilebeing beautiful, healthy,andnatural for greenliving. Apart from that, we’re also dedicating ourtimeto nurturingmoreAAA Leaders Ahead | Aware | Active — to realize our dreams globally so that we can move toward our goals — to cleanse mother earth, our cells, and our spirits.


Cell Medicine – The Future of Medicine!


Thousands of people all over the world have worried about health problems. The revolution of cell medicine has finally arrive! The mechanism of cell medicine theory to cure diseases is through the principles of cell detoxification, cell activation, cell growth, cell repair and cell regeneration.The expert research team of the International Cellular Rehabilitation Association with Prof. Carl Zhang at the core performs network-wide analysis and global in-depth research on the product line of AAA International Group. Each and every products of AAA International group follows certified formulation and technique as well as strict manufacturing guidelines by CRA.

AAA DREAM “Clean The Earth; Clean Our Cells;

Clean Our Spirit”

From beauty and wellness to supplements, AAA International Group line-up of products caters to consumers of all age and segments. All the products are uniquely designed through advanced technology to bring the benefits of cell medicine to the world.